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When Kurt Rosentreter started his career in finance nearly 20 years ago, he couldn't believe that Canadians received so little advice about the after-tax implications of their investment decisions.

And that so many of them just bought investment and insurance products without building a proper financial plan first.

Kurt made it his personal and professional mission to wake Canadians up to the need to build their wealth in a more sophisticated way. He took his message to the airwaves and pages of Canada's media, spoke to large groups across the country, and published three popular books, including Wealthbuilding, now avaiable in this information-packed and wisdom-packed revised edition.

Wealth Building
Lifelong Financial Strategies for Success with Your Money (Revised Edition)
Publisher: BPS Books

In Wealthbuilding, Kurt guides you in considering these and other factors in all of your financial decisions:

• Your goals
• The fees you pay
• Taxes and tax planning
• How and why you invest
• Your future retirement plans
• Living in retirement today
• Death and what matters to you
• Your parents
• Your children, spouse, and grandchildren
• Debt
• Risk
• Charity
• Insurance: how much and what kind
• Financial advisors: how many and what kind
• Income and expenses
• Your career
• Real estate
• Your attitude
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