Worry free retirement income – just like a teacher, police office or a nurse.
In Canada, public school teachers, many police officers and many nurses have one of the most lucrative pension systems in the world to take care of them when they retire. All three professions have a defined benefit pension for their retired employees – a defined benefit plan (“DB plan”) provides a guaranteed monthly income, often indexed to rise with inflation each year, payable to end of the pensioner’s life (or their spouse’s life). The pension is a “guaranteed cheque in the mail” each month - there are no fees, no investment advisors, no investments to buy and sell, no worrying when the stock market falls, no hassles at all.

Now you too can have a guaranteed pension cheque in your retirement.
You too can be free from worrying about the stock market.
You too can stop wondering how much you can afford to spend each year in retirement.
You too can stop worrying whether you will run out of money.

After all, isn’t retirement supposed to be about enjoying life? Too often in today’s world, companies no longer offer a pension plan to their employees, or the pension they get doesn’t amount to much. Now you can sleep easy and enjoy retirement knowing you too can build your own pension just like a teacher or police officer. You too can have a guaranteed income amount each month, with inflation indexing, payable to the death of the last spouse. You too can have this worry free, low maintenance pension plan.

At www.buyapension.ca we will help you to create your own pension by converting some of your poorly performing RRSPs, RRIFs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments into a new pension with a guaranteed life long indexed payment – a stable, guaranteed income source for the rest of your life.

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