Markets & Financial Planning Commentary
April With the tax season ending shortly, don’t get caught at the last minute trying to gather all the necessary items to complete your tax filing. This Globe and Mail article describes some of the repercussions of a late and incomplete tax filing. Click here to read more.
February As RRSP season kicks into gear, it’s a good time to also review the beneficiaries you’ve named on your account. There may be different tax consequences depending on whether you name your spouse, children, a charity or your estate as the beneficiary. Click here to read more.
January Earlier this week the Bank of Canada lowered their interest rate a quarter of a percent. Some may consider this a gift, however, this Globe and Mail article outlines how we as Canadians should re-think before we begin borrowing. Click here to read more.
January If you have money to spare, should you save it up in a RRSP or a TFSA, or should you put towards your mortage. This article from National Post shows that the answer might not be as black and white as one might want to think. Click here to read more.
December How can a dream vacation turn into a financial nightmare? Lack of quality travel insurance. This article describes the benefits of quality travel insurance and the limitations of your packaged credit card travel insurance. Click here to read more.
November Good news: You'll likely live to 100. Bad news: You'll need to save a lot. Click here to read more.
October An article by the Globe and Mail that touches on the Ebola epidemic and the industries that are effected. Click here to read more.
October bloomberg

This article explains the interesting relationship between the unemployment rate and the interest rates, and when we may see the interest rates to go up. Click here to read more.

September This Globeadvisor article takes a look at the growing tuition costs in Canada and who is stepping in to help. Click here to read more
August Kurt was interviewed by The Globe and Mail on the top of investment portfolio rebalancing. Read the lengthy interview here.
August The simple rule that keeps income flowing during retirement. Click here to read more.
August An article from Business Insider that tells the story of how Warren Buffett, one of the world's most successful investors, outlined how to get rich from investing decades ago and no one listened. Click here to read more.
August bloomberg Goldman Sachs: The US Expansion Ain't Dead. An article published in Bloomberg BusinessWeek discussing a recent opinion by Goldman Sachs that the expanding and growing US economy is far from done. Click here to read more.
August How Long Will the Expansion Last? An article discussion the current state of the American economy and how predictions are giving us another two years of growth. Click here to read more.
April In Mr. Buffett's annual letter to shareholders, he has acknowledged that for the money he is bequeathing in a trust for his wife: “Put 10 percent of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90 percent in a very low-cost S.&P. 500 index fund. (I suggest Vanguard’s.) I believe the trust’s long-term results from this policy will be superior to those attained by most investors — whether pension funds, institutions or individuals — who employ high-fee managers.” I think this is important for many investors to reflect on. Click here to read more.
April Wells Fargo profit rises 14%. Click here to read more.
April Bloomberg summarizes the April 4th jobs report in the US. It looks like growth is on track and there is no worry about inflation currently. Click here to read more.
April Don’t be fooled into mortgage your home to buy stocks – These days, an investor might receive great investment return from the stock markets. However, we should not take the risk of investing lightly. Therefore, it makes mortgaging your home to invest such a bad idea. Click here to read more.
March GM Recalling 824,000 cars. I have never been comfortable recommending large investments in car company stocks. Here's yet another reason car stocks can be viewed as hard to predict for consistently good returns over time. Click here to read more.
March Canadian market interest rates can be said to follow US interest rate policy. This link talks about how US interest rates are not poised to rise anytime soon - I tend to agree and Canada will follow suit. Even if rates start to rise, I expect it to be a gradual rate increase over several years - this means low yields for bonds and GICs for several more years to come. Click here to read more.
March Worried about the impact of the Russia / Ukraine conflict on your portfolio? Read this article that discusses some of the possible repercussions. Click here to read more.
February With world markets up last year, expect a bumpy ride in 2014. Click here to read more.
February Fascinating new piece about the impact of politics on global markets. There is no doubt that issues like the US debt ceiling negotiations and European discussions to bail out countries like Greece can rattle stock markets around the world, but should you let it rattle your investment strategy? Click here to read more.
February Income tax reporting for dual citizens – There are special tax rules applied to people who are the citizen of more than one country, and it is for the best not to ignore them. Click here to read more.
January How much do you need to save? Many people are wishing they started saving earlier. Let us help you in answering this question by providing a cash flow and retirement chart that helps you plan for the future. Please let us know if a retirement chart is something you are interested in learning more about. Click here to read more.
January Boom in Initial Public Offerings: A recent wave of new companies going public (getting listed on stock exchanges) in United States indicates strong confidence of businesses in the equity markets and the economy. Click here to read more.
January Unlike losing weight, saving money in 2014 can be painless
Two perennial New Year’s resolutions centre around physical and fiscal fitness. Click here to read more.
January Here are five issues to watch for in the year ahead from a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. Click here to read more.

January One View of the 2014 Outlook for Markets. USA Today builds the case for a continued stock market run but not at the pace of 2013. Click here to read more.
November Building a diversified portfolio is important, and "rather than trying to time the market's cycle... build a portfolio that you can live with whether the market rises, falls or goes sideways". Click here to read more.
October Solid article about the importance of bonds and why you should not reduce your bond holdings just because we expect higher interest rates. Essential reading from the founder of indexed investing in the world, Vanguard. Click here to read more.
October Finally, an article that supports why GICs play a useful role in a well-diversified portfolio. Click here to read more.
October WHY OWNING A HOME IS BAD FOR YOU – Owning their home is a goal for many people. However, with houses and condos become less and less affordable, buying a property might not be as a sound advice as it used to be for our financial AND our personal health. Click here to read more.
October U.S. Government Shutdown: One of the world’s most reputable business publications is commenting on the U.S. government shutdown that started on October 1, because lawmakers could not agree on a federal budget. One of the main reasons is a fight between Democrats and Republicans over Barack Obama’s health reform, which can also delay raising the debt ceiling later this month. Click here to read more.
October Many investors believe that being market timers is the best way to make money in the stock markets. However, since we cannot predict the future, diversifying our portfolios should still be the best way to invest. Click here to read more.
September This is an article in the National Post I was reading on the way into work yesterday. I think its an article that everyone, whether you are just getting out of school or nearing retirement, should read. To sum it up, "save more". Click here to read more.