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Kurt Rosentreter Wealth Building
Lifelong Financial Strategies for Success with Your Money
(Revised Edition)
Publisher: BPS Books, 2009

When Kurt Rosentreter started his career in finance nearly 20 years ago, he couldn't believe: That Canadians received so little advice about the after-tax implications of their investment decisions. And that so many of them just bought investment and insurance products without building a proper financial plan first.

Kurt made it his personal and professional mission to wake Canadians up to the need to build their wealth in a more sophisticated way. He took his message to the airwaves and pages of Canada's media, spoke to large groups across the country, and published three popular books, including Wealthbuilding, now avaiable in this information-packed and wisdom-packed revised edition.

In Wealthbuilding, Kurt guides you in considering these and other factors in all of your financial decisions:
• Your goals
• The fees you pay
• Taxes and tax planning
• How and why you invest
• Your future retirement plans
• Living in retirement today
• Estate Planning
• Your parents
• Your children, spouse, and grandchildren
• Debt
• Risk
• Charity
• Insurance: how much and what kind
• Financial advisors: how many and what kind
• Income and expenses
• Your career
• Real estate
• Your attitude

Wealthbuilding (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Insomniac Press, 2005

"Wealthbuilding" released March 2005, is the first book in Kurt's new series on the evolution of managing your finances. In this 260 page eyecatching hardcover book, Kurt details how to change your approach to your finances as your net worth grows and as you age. From taxes, career and debt, to investing, insurance and retirement planning, find out if you are behind your peers, off-track altogether or where you should be at this point in your life. "Wealthbuilding" is unlike other financial books and in early reviews has been called "the most important book on personal finance in the last ten years", by Tim Cestnick, CA, Tax Columnist for The Globe and Mail newspaper.

50 Tax-Smart™ Investing Strategies (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing, 2004

Kurt’s First Book 50 Tax-Smart™ Investing Strategies has been republished 3 times and is currently in its 4th reprint. The 4th reprint  includes significant new content on Tax-Smart™ investing.

50 Tax-Smart™ Investing Strategies (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing, 2002

This is the third edition of Kurt’s first book. In this book, significant new content was added, including several Globe and Mail articles written by Kurt Rosentreter. A substantially re-written Tax-Smart™ Investing book will see deeper and broader content on tax smart investing than you have seen in any previous books.

Rosentreter's Rules: 100 Financial Strategies to Achieve High Net Worth (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Prentice Hall Canada, 2001

In September 2001, Kurt’s book called Rosentreter’s Rules: 100 Financial Strategies to Achieve High Net Worth hit bookstores across Canada. Building on the success of his first book, this book provides 100 fresh and innovative financial ideas to pay less tax, invest using a disciplined Tax-Smart™ approach, protect your family finances, and much more. A collection of lesser known but essential financial strategies relevant to most Canadians. Order your copies of this book today from this website. A guaranteed best seller from one of Canada’s top personal finance authors.

50 Tax-Smart™ Investing Strategies (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing, 1999

This was the second edition of Kurt’s first book. It was updated for changes to the tax laws that made the first book outdated.

50 Tax-Smart™ Investing Strategies (OUT OF PRINT)
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing. 1998

This was the first edition of Kurt’s first book. It achieved best seller status after only six months in stores in 1998.