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September 2018 Tax Planning Tips Q3 2018 Subsidized meals, taxable benefit, employer-sponsored social events, corporate income taxes, legal representative, donation receipts, distributed assets, non-cash gift, goodwill problems, interest deductibility, clearance certificate, property distributed, factually dissolve.
August 2018 Tax Planning Tips Q2 2018 Digital currency, peer-to-peer network, bitcoin, fair market value (FMV), virtual currency exchange, eligible deduction to the business, corporate passive investment income, royalties, taxable capital gains, disposition of property, Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs), small business deduction (SBD), passive assets, capital losses, corporate tax rate, reasonable automobile allowances, input tax credit (ITC).
May 2018 Tax Planning Tips May 2018 Tax refund direct deposit, CPP survivor benefit late application, parental benefits, income sprinkling, tax on split income (TOSI), private corporation dividends, partnership allocations, trust allocations, capital gains, related business, income sprinkling exceptions, income sprinkling exclusions, excluded business, excluded shares, reasonable return, retirement income sprinkling, marijuana, marijuana tax legislation, voluntary disclosure program, loans to a relative’s business, allowable business investment loss, personal liability for corporate tax debt, business failure, two-year limitation, commission paid to a corporation.
March 2018 How to Kill a Robo-Advisor robo-advisor, robo-advisory, fintech, ETF, exchange traded fund, Bill, stock, mutual fund, bond, goals, financial planning, financial plan, taxes, Manulife Securities, Kurt Rosentreter, robo
January 2018 Explore the Benefits of Using an Independent Brokerage Independent brokerage, bank brokerage, global banking, financial goals, consensus market research, corporate finance departments, private investment counsel, product ties, wrap products, fee transparency
December 2017 2017 Year End Tax Planning Tips 2017 remuneration, salary to family members, selling non-registered investments, deductible interest, school supplies, home accessibility, employment insurance changes, capital loss allowance, ride-sharing drivers, voluntary disclosure
December 2017 2017 Tax Planning Tips Fourth Quarter CRA account, Service Canada account, unreported income, CRA assisting IRS, fraud prevention measure, business loss, GIS option method, deceased tax affairs, refugees, underground economy
December 2017 Re-thinking Owning Life Insurance Inside a Corporation Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Premiums, Preferential Tax Rate, Rental Properties, Passive Income, Federal Liberals, Tax-Free Payout, Disadvantages of Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Capital Gains Tax Exemption, Taxable Benefits, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Creditor Proof, Corporate Beneficiaries, Tax Rules, Tax Changes, Cost of Insurance, Transparency, Compensation, Term Insurance, Whole Life Insurance.
October 2017 The Value of an Advisor Was Never About Products Financial Advisors, Fees, Financial Industry, Kurt Rosentreter, Insurance Industry, Regulations, Industry Designations, Industry Licencing, Commissions, Hidden Costs, Knowing Your Client, Provincial Regulation, Fedseral Regulation, CRM2, CRM1, Industry Standards, Canadian Securities Administrators, Professionalism, Ethics, Financial Planners, Portfolio Managers, Goals, Products, Trade Costs, Financial Plan, Advice, Do-It-Yourself Investing, Stock Addiction, Legal Fees, Value.
October 2017 Third Quarter Overview 2017 Third Quarter, Market Update, Market Outlook, North Korea, Middle East, Canada, United States, International, Central Bank Policy, Oil Prices, TSX Composite Index, Earnings, Employment Results, Economic Outlook, S&P500 Index, MSCI EAFE Index, Europe, U.S. Federal Reserve, Canadian Dollar, U.S. Dollar.
September 2017 Inter-Generational Planning:
Strategies & Sensitivities to Leaving Wealth to Your Heirs
Estate Planning, Inter-Generational Planning, Income Tax, Canadian Tax Rules, U.S. Tax Rules, Estate Tax, Probate, Executors, Estate Process, Funeral Homes, Estate Freeze, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Lawyers, Lawyer Fees, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Estate Beneficiaries, Inheritance, Estate Planning Complications, Small Business, Special Needs Children, Second Marriages, Age Gap, Out of Country Assets, Illiquid Assets, Artwork, Family Disagreements, Estate Lawsuits, Estate Debts, Estate Costs, Estate Timing, Executor Fees, Legal Fees, Accounting Fees, Real Estate Commissions, Valuation Fees, Funeral Costs, Estate Strategies, Do-It-Yourself, Joint Bank Accounts, Safety Deposit Boxes, Pre-Planned Funeral, Life Insurance, Family Trusts, Shareholder Agreements, Stock Certificates, Designating Beneficiaries, More Than One Will, Hand-Written Wills, Guardians, Renewing Estate Documents.
September 2017 Federal Liberal Government Proposes Drastic Income Tax Rule Changes for the Self Employed in Canada Liberal Government, Income Tax Changes, Self Employed, Bill Morneau, Small Business Owners, Passive Investment Income, Capital Gains, 75 Day Consultation Period, October 2,2017, Minimum Wage Increases, Federal Election.
February 2017 The Audi Generation and How It Will Ruin Retirement for Boomers Retirement planning, tax planning, luxury vehicle, Audi, Kurt Rosentreter, real estate, children's savings, university cost, cash flow, salary, white collar, financial advisor, wealth management, downsizing, estate, career change
June 2016 2016 Tax Planning Tips Second Quarter Canada Pension Plan, Principal Residence Exemption, U.S. Real Estate, Canada Child Benefit, Teachers and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Credit, Tips & Gratuities, Employment Insurance, Employment Insurance Issues, CRA Scams, Small Business Deduction, 2016 Federal Budget, Medical Professionals, Accountants, Lawyers, Corporations, Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC), Owner Managed Companies, Credit Card Comparison, CRA Online Services, CRA My Account, Insurable Earnings, Employment Insurance.
March 2016 2016 Federal Budget Summary by Ernst & Young Federal Fiscal Outlook, Labour Market Development Agreements, Post Secondary Institutions Strategic Fund, Clean Technology, Corporate Tax Rates, Small Business Deduction Limits, Eligible Capital Property, Transfer of Life Insurance Policies, BEPS, Cross Border Surplus Stripping, Rents, Royalties, Personal Income Tax, Top Marginal Income Tax, Charitable Donation Tax Credit, Employee Profit Sharing Plan, Personal Services Business Corporation, FAPI Rules, Family Tax Cut, Canada Child Benefit, Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporation Tax Credit, Education and Textbook Credits, Home Accessibility Tax Credit, Children’s Fitness and Arts Tax Credits, Taxation of switch fund shares, Corporate Class Mutual Funds, Linked Notes, Ontario electricity support program, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Enhancing the Canada Pension Plan, Restoring eligibility ages of the Old Age Security program
March 2016 2016 Tax Planning Tips First Quarter Justin Trudeau, Personal Tax Rates, Income Tax, TFSA Contribution Room, Federal Donation Tax Credit, Liberals, Canada Child Benefit, Family Tax Cut, CPP Benefits, EI Premiums, RRIF, Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Credit, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Northern Residents Deduction, Home Buyers Program, Deduction for Stock Options, Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporation Tax Credit, Education and Textbook Credits, Home Accessibility Tax Credit
January 2016 Designing Retirement Income for Canadians Retirement, RRSP, Retirement Planning, Defined Benefit Pension, Real Estate, Defined Contribution Plan, Supporting Family, Retirement Cost of Living, Inflation, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Retirement Math, Investments, Cash Flow, CPP, OAS, GIS, TFSA, RRIF, Income Tax, Wills, Power of Attorney, Advisory Fees, Management Fee, Death of a Spouse, Second Marriages, Employer Pension Plans, Survivor Pension Amounts, Inheritances, Charitable Giving Plans, Gifting, Joint Ownership.
December 2015 Year end Tax Planning Tips Tax Deductions, RRSP Contribution Deadline, Spousal RRSP, Rental Property, Business Property, Old Age Security, Capital Cost Allowance, RESP, Employment Insurance Refunds, Eligible Dividends, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Charitable Donations, Deductible Interest, U.S. Filing Obligations, CPP, TFSA, TFSA Contribution Room, School Supply Benefits, Incorporating Income, Capital Dividend Account, Corporate Earnings, Qualified Small Business.
November 2015 Fourth Quarter 2015 Tax Planning Tips

CRA Audits, Electronic Submission, Donation Receipts, Social Media, Promotional Gift Cards, Meal and Entertainment Expenses, Record Retention, How Long to Keep Records, Blogging as a Business, TFSA Contribution Room, TFSA Withdrawals, Excess Contributions, Non-Arms Length Parties, CRA Garnishment, Change to Fiscal Period, Providing Information to CRA, EI Benefits, Maternity Leave, Border Information Exchange.

September 2015 2015 Tax Planning Tips Third Quarter E-filing, Eligible Renovations to a Qualified Dwelling, Disability Tax Credit, Corporate Tax Returns, Underground Economy, Employee Benefits, Tax Efficient Compensation, Cell Phone Reimbursement, Uniforms, Physical Activity Reimbursements, Farms Sale of Land, Account of Capital, Alternative Minimum Tax, Leasehold Improvements, Donating Items, Executors for Americans.
July 2015 2015 Tax Planning Tips Second Quarter Home Workspace, Intercompany Taxable Supplies, Transitioning Business Ownership, Income Splitting, Day Trading, Family Tax Cut, Joint Custody, GST Credit, HST Credit, Withholding Tax, Foreign Reporting, U.S. Persons in Canada, House Sales Tax, Exempt Health Care Providers, Government Direct Deposit, Tax Scams, Cyber Safety.
July 2015 2015 Tax Planning Tips First Quarter Disability Credits, Scientific Research & Experimental Development, Goodwill Changes, The Family Tax Cut, Universal Child Care Benefits, Child Tax Credit, Child Care Expenses, Fitness Tax Credit, Arts Tax Credit, Canada Job Grant, Disability Tax Credit, Eligible Employment Expenses, Government Collection Policies, GST Taxable Benefits, HST Taxable Benefits, Gifting Tax Shelter, American Citizens Abroad, Federal Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, Distributing Estate Property
March 2015 How Bad Disability Insurance Can Destroy Your Life Disability Insurance, Group Plan Coverage, Private Disability Insurance, Maximum Allowable Coverage, Tax Free Benefits, Benefits for Life, Group Plan Control, Own Occupation, Any Occupation, Employer Disability Clauses
March 2015 Permanent Life Insurance - A Powerful Tax Shelter for Select Investors Protection, Tax Smart Investing, Tax Free Death Benefits, Permanent Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Tax Free Growth, Tax Free Investment Returns, Consistent Positive Returns, Large Annual Dividend’s, Purchasing Insurance Through a Corporation, Tax Deferred Money for Children’s Education, Generation Skipping Tax Advantages, Family Trusts and Inheritance
March 2015 The Estate Management Services Estate Planning, Estate Tax Returns, Terminal Tax Returns, Probate Fees, Insurance Proceeds, Estate Executor, Estate Lawyers, Second Marriage Issues, International Assets, Illiquid Assets, Tax Reassessments
January 2015 Looking Back and Looking Forward Goals, Market Outlook, High Quality Securities, Market Noise, Market Timing, Interest Rates, Mortgages, Low-Interest Rates, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Housing Market, Estate Management, Wills, Tax-Free Savings Accounts, RRSP, Maximum RRSP Contribution, RESP’s, RRIF’s, RRIF Payments, RRSP to RRIF Conversions, Personal Tax Filing Deadlines, CRM, Client Relationship Model, Fees, Social Media
December 2014 2014 Tax Planning Tips Fourth Quarter CRA Smartphone App, Small Business Job Credit, Principal Residence, Business in your Principal Residence, Owing the CRA, Options for Owing the CRA, Tax Collection Policies, Government Program Collection Policies, Customs Collections Policies, Digital Assets, Spousal Support, Transfer of Assets to a Corporation, Renouncing U.S. Citizenship, Expatriation Application Fee
December 2014 2014 Year-End Tax Planning 2014 Tax Deductions, 2014 Tax Credits, 2014 RRSP Contribution Deadline, Spousal RRSP’s, Age of Conversion, Paying a Salary to Family Members, Old Age Security, Capital Cost Allowances, Capital Properties with Capital Losses, Registered Education Savings Plans, Canada Education Savings Grant, Canada Learning Bond, Employment Insurance, Eligible Dividends from Private and Public Corporations, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Donation Credits, U.S. Residents, Foreign Property, Canada Pension Plan, Tax-Free Savings Accounts
September 2014 2014 Tax Planning Tips Third Quarter  
August 2014 2014 Tax Planning Tips Second Quarter Automated Benefits Application, Canada Child Tax Benefit, Universal Child Care Benefit, GST/HST Credit, Joint Entry/Exit Tracking System, Internet Business Activities and Disclosures, Small Business Quick Method, Quick Method Exclusions, Documenting Salary to Family Members, Non-Profit Organizations, Crowdfunding, Scholarships and Training, Dependant Tax Credit,
Febuary 2014 2014 Tax Planning Tips First Quarter 2013 RRSP Contribution Deadline, U.S. Filing Requirements, Charity Regulations, Medical Expense Travel Costs, Experimental Drug Research Expenses, Renovations Medical Expense, Marital Status and Common-Law Partnership, Spousal Separation, Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB), GST/HST Credit Legislation, Divorce Agreement, Fitness Club Dues, Insurance Policy Transfers, Charitable Donations, Free-Rent
January 2014 Pros & Cons of Leasing a Vehicle Financing, Purchasing, Calculating a Lease, Interest and Fees, Car Modifications, “Wear-And-Tear” Fees, Kilometer Allowances, Early Lease Cancellation, Luxury Car Lease Traps, Down Payments, Financing Savings, Repair and Maintenance Costs, Purchasing with Cash
December 2013 2013 Year-End Tax Planning 2014 RRSP Deadline, RRSP Contribution Room, Tax Tips for Business Owners, Old Age Security Limits, Capital Cost Allowances, Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), Capital Losses, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), Canada Education Savings Grant (cesg), Employment Insurance Refunds, Dividend Taxation, Public Transit Tax Credits, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Charitable Donations, U.S. Filing Obligations, Foreign Property
December 2013 2013 Tax Planning Tips Fourth Quarter Non-Eligible Dividend Payments, Government Loans, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Gifts to Employees, Gifts and Awards Policy, Childrens Fitness Tax Credit, Childrens Art Tax Credit, Employee Expenses, T2200 Forms, Declaration of Conditions of Employment, Tax auditing, Net Worth Calculation Method, Condo Sales, Short Term Condo Purchases, Notice of Reassessment, Delaying Old Age Security, OAS Clawback, Deferring OAS, Foreign Property, T1135 forms, T5 Slips, T3 Slips, Allowable Reassessments
October 2013 Tax Planning Third Quarter 2013 Tax Planning, Automobile Allowances, Disaster Relief Payments, Employment Insurance, Business Expenses, Old Tax Returns, Rental Property, U.S. Residency, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Tax Allowances
October 2013 Old Age In Canada Newsletter Healthcare Planning, Long-term Care, Canada Health Act, Nursing Home Costs, Ontario Drug Benefit Program, Medical Tax Credits and Deductions
2013 Tax Planning Second Quarter 2013 Medical Expenses, Disability Tax Credit, Moving Expenses & Reimbursements, Vehicle and Tool Rentals, Door Prizes/Gifts, First Time Donor’s Super Credit (FDSC), Charitable Donation Tax Shelters, Leveraged Insured Annuities (LIA), 10/8 Arrangements, Restricted Farm Losses, Small Business Hiring Credit, International Tax Evasion Program, Estate Planning, Deferring Old Age Security (OAS)
2013 How Much Real Estate is Too Much? Upsizing and Downsizing, Rise of Real Estate in Canada, Real Estate Goals, Real Estate Income Trusts (REIT’s), Real Estate and Net-Worth, Real Estate and Children, Real Estate in Retirement, Financial Crisis in the US, Renting Vs. Owning
2013 2013 Tax Planning First Quarter Medical Expenses, Medical/Travel Expenses, Family Caregiver Tax Credit, Motor Vehicle Expenses, Employee Expenses, Insurable Employment, Old Age Security (OAS) Deferral, Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Post-Retirement Benefit Calculator (PRB), U.S Rental Property, U.S Withholding Responsibility, U.S Filing Responsibility, Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, Canadian Snowbirds, CPP Sharing
2013 2012 Tax Planning Fourth Quarter Year-End Tax Planning, RRSP Deadlines, Old Age Security (OAS), Capital Cost Allowances, Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP), Health and Dental Premiums for Self-Employed, Employee Insurance Refunds, Public Transit Refunds
2013 Kurt's Fourth Quarter Double Issue Childrens Arts Tax Credit (CATC), Montessori School Fees, Per Diem Meal Allowance, CRA Gifts and Awards Program, Real Estate Rebates, Online Investment Trading, Condominium Rental Losses, Leveraged Charitable Donation Program
2013 The Seven Seasons Season #1 – Minimum RRIF Payment (November)
Season #2 – Tax Loss Selling (December)
Season #3 – RESP Contribution (December)
Season #4 – TFSA Contribution (January)
Season #5 – RRSP Contribution (February)
Season #6 – Personal Tax Filing Deadline (March & April)
Season #7 – Estate Planning Review (May)
2012 2012 Tax Planning First Quarter Cosmetic Procedures, Moving Expenses, Children’s Art Tax Credit (CATC), Hiring Credit, Employment Insurance, Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), Director Liability , Individual Pension Plans, 2012 CPP Changes, RRSP Anti-Avoidance Rules, RRSP Scam, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), U.S Citizens in Canada
2012 Financial Planning for Your Children Children under 10, Children 10-18 years old, Children 18-25 years old, Children 25-35 years old, After age 35, Tax Deductions and Credits for Children, Long-Term Care, Nanny Planning, Financial Gifts to Children, Life Insurance on Children, Inheriting Property, Estate Management, Family Trusts
2012 Tough Questions for your Advisors Investment Products, Buy Side and Sell Side, Product Research and Choices, Product Review, Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Services, Investment Advisory Process, Meetings, Fees, F-Class Mutual Funds, Commissions, Financial Planning, Cash Flow, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Relationship Services, Qualifications and Licensing
2012 Financial Checklist for 2012 Achieving Goals, Reflecting on Debts, Automated Monthly Savings Plans, Employer Based Disability Insurance, Conservative Investing and Rates of Returns, Registered Education Savings Plans, Canada Education Savings Grant, Wills and Power of Attorney (POA), Tax Breaks, Paperwork, Banks Vs. Brokers, Asset Allocation
2011 Tax Planning Tips Fourth Quarter 2011 Tax Deductions, Registered Retirement Savings Plan Deadlines, Salary’s for Business Owners, Old Age Security (OAS) Clawback, Capital Cost Allowances, Registered Education Savings Plan, Health and Dental Premiums, Transit Tax Credits, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Voluntary Disclosure to Canada Revenue Agency, 2011 Remuneration, Cellular Phone Allowances, Automobile Standby Charge, Per Diem Allowances, Business Travel Log, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Partnership Information Returns – T5013, Charity and Tax, Canada Pension Plan for Individuals Under 70, EcoEnergy RetroFit Homes Program, RRSP Planning, GST/HST, Universal Child Care Benefit
2011 Tax Planning Tips Third Quarter 2011 Common Law Partnership, Medical Expenses Tax Credit (METC), Moving Expenses – New Sales Territory, Motor Vehicle Expenses, Employment Vs. Independent Contractor , Acquisition of Automobile, Simplified Log Book, Family Paid Salaries, Liability of Unpaid GST/HST, Excess RRSP Contributions, Taxpayer Relief, Old Age Security Clawback, GST/HST , Charities, 2011 Federal Budget, Tax Filing Requirements, High-Net Worth Individuals, U.S Social Security Benefits
2011 Surviving Divorce Pre-Separation Strategies, Engaging a Lawyer, Legal Fees , Prolonging Separation, Family Homemaker, Separation Date, Market Value of Your Assets, Post Separation, Separating Assets and Incomes, Planning for Divorce , Engaging a Tax Accountant, Seeking Investment Advisors , Collaborative Law Association, Divorce Litigators and Fees, Asset Disclosure, Budget Adjustment, Child Care
2011 Tax Planning Tips Second Quarter 2011 June Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB), Working Low Income Individuals, In-Vitro Fertilization Expenses, Sleep Evaluation Study Expenses, Employer Paid Social Events, Salary to a Spouse, Director Liability for GST/HST, Employment Insurance, First Time Homebuyers, Non-refundable Tax Credits, RRSP Home buyers Plan (HBP), Land Transfer Tax Exemption, Registered Disability Savings Plan, 2012 Canada Pension Plan, Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA), Flow Through Shares, Charitable Donations, Common Law Breakdown, Retroactive Spousal Support, GST/HST Place of Supply Rules, Unclaimed OAS, Unclaimed GIS
2011 Summer 2011 Economic Commentary Corporate Earnings, Debt, Canadian Stock Market, Interest Rates, Canadian Dollar (CAD), Canadian Real Estate, Emerging Nations, Commodities, Investments Strategies
2011 First Quarter 2011 Tax Tips Medical Expenses, Disability Tax Credit, Hairdresser Tax Tips, Self-Contained Domestic Establishment (SCDE), Insurable Employment, Taxable Benefits, CRA Guide T4130, Child Scholarships of Employees, Interest Expense, Employee Vs. Independent Contractor, CPP and Employee Profit Sharing Plans (EPSP), Living in Same Residence After Divorce, Disbursement Quota for Charities, Canada Pension Plan, Refinancing Prescribed Rate Loans, Pensions
2011 Canadian 30 Year Olds Are Screwed Expenses, Time Management, RRSP Savings, RESP Savings, Money Management, Mortgages, Interest Rates, Defined Benefit Pensions
2011 Volume 1 2011 Easy Money Management Newsletter Wills, Life and Disability Insurance, Tax, Tax Returns, Childrens Savings, Home Purchase , Retirment, Cash Flow, Debt, Strategic Investment Planning
2010 Year End 2010 Tax Newsletter 2010 Tax Deductions, 2010 RRSP Contribution Deadline , OAS Clawback, Capital Cost Allowances, Registered Education Savings Plan, Health and Dental Premiums, Employment Insurance Refunds, Public Transit Credits, Registered Disability Savings Plan, 2010 Remuneration, Personal Tax Returns, Tuition and Education Credits, Weight Loss Clinic Expenses, Cosmetic Procedures Expenses, Prior Year Disability Tax Credit, Employee Vs. Independent Contractor, Employment Insurance Act, General Purpose Electronic Data Processing Equipment (GPEDPE), National Joint Council Travel Directives, Donated Artwork, Spousal Capital Loss Transfer
2010 Personal Tax Planning Tips-Third Quarter 2010 Caregiver Credit , Weight Loss Program Medical Expenses, Aeroplan Frequent Flyer Points, University Outside of Canada, Child Care Expense, Employee Birthday Gifts, Home Purchase Loan, Self Employed Employment Insurance, Private Health Services Plan, Employee Profit Sharing Plan (EPSP), Non- Profit Organizations (NPO) Filing Requirements , Home Buyers Plan (HBP), Registered Plan Qualified Investments, Family Trusts, Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) Over Contribution, TFSA Penalty Relief, Reimbursed Credit Card Expenses, Moving to the U.S, Filing Corporate Taxes Electronically
2010 Hard to Talk About Financial Planning Topics Sudden Death, Beating Cancer, Disability, Divorce, Job Loss After 50, Stroke , Long-Term Care Facility
2010 Volume 25 2010 Kurt's Tax Planning Newsletter Apprenticeship Incentive Program (AIP), Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG), Tuition Cost Medical Expenses, Overtime Meal Allowances, Capital Cost Allowance for Freight, Events at a Golf Club, Federal budget, Cosmetic Procedures, Charities Disbursement Quota, Employee Stock Options, Turning 71 in 2010, Gift of Ecological Property, Farming Deductions, Horse Racing Operations, Employee Vs. Independent Contractor, Input Tax Credits, Credit Card Expenses, Tax Filing Electronically
2010 Volume 24 2010 Kurt's How to Beat a 2% GIC Federal Government Bonds, Provincial Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptance (BA’s), Corporate Bonds, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC’s), Hi-Interest Savings Accounts, Money Market Mutual Funds, Short-Term Bonds
2010 Volume 23 2010 Tax Planning Home Renovation Credit, Common Law Relationships, Medical Expenses for Travel, Post Secondary Students Outside Canada, Employment Income Travel Expenses, Scholarship/Free Tuition, General Purpose Computer Equipment, Tax Deductible Interest Expense, Bonuses Payable and Payroll Remittances, Divorce, Change of Relationship Status, Spousal Support Arrears, Pension Benefits, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Tax Free Savings Account, Acquiring a Mortgage in an RRSP, RRSP Over-Contribution, Donation Programs, Rollover of a Farm to Children, Olympic Prizes Taxes
2010 Volume 22 2010 Retirement Cash Flow Retirement Cash Flow, Retirement in the 21st Century, 2009 Stock Market Correction, Effect of Corrections on Retirement, Phase One Active Retirement– Age 60, Phase Two Passive Retirement– Age 75-85, Phase Three Eldercare Years – Age 85-Beyond, Inflation, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Discretionary Costs, Luxury Costs, Income Matching, Investment Products Suitable for Retiree’s, Products for Liquidity , Products for Growth
2010 Volume 21 2010 Economic Forecast and Strategic Financial Strategies 2010 Economic Forecast, Strategic Financial Strategies, Investment Portfolio Planning, Record Low Interest Rates, Housing Prices in Canada, Gold, Canadian Vs. U.S Dollar, Income Trusts in 2011, Emerging Markets , Canada and Developed Countries, Will Planning, Home Renovation Tax Credit, Life Insurance Rules
2009 Volume 20 Year End Tax Tips 2009 Tax Return Checklist, Year End Tax Planning, 2009 Remuneration, Personal Tax Returns, Air Conditioner Medical Expenses, Non-Cash Gifts, Non-Cash Awards, Superficial Losses
2009 Volume 19 Fall Tax Planning Newsletter Edition Human Rights Code Award, Nursing Home Medical Expenses, Travel Medical Expenses, Moving Expenses, Parking Passes, Employer Paid Social Events, Automobile Allowances, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Depreciable Assets, Unpaid Wages, 2009 Federal Budget, Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Creditor Protection, Clearance Certificate, Proceeds From Easement on Land
2009 Volume 18: September 2009 Condo Issue Target Market, Condo Economics, Neighbor Cooking, Condo Noise Outside the Units, Representatives on the Condo Board, Condo Board Ethics, Pets in Condos, Condo Noise Inside the Units, Yard Vs. No Yard/Shared Grounds, Abiding by the Rules of the Condo, Condo’s as Rental Properties, Canada Revenue Agency Rules, Interest Expenses, Senior Owners, Rising Maintenance Fees, Property Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Condos With More Than 500 Units, Young Professionals, RRSP Stealing, Condo’s and the HST, Condo Accessibility for Disabled , Condo Accessibility for Elderly, Condo’s in the Media, Ontario New Home Warranty Plan Act (ONWHP)
2009 Volume 17: Spring Tax Planning 2009 Human Rights Code Award, Nursing Home Medical Expenses, Travel Medical Expenses, Moving Expenses, Parking Passes, Employer Paid Social Events, Automobile Allowances, Depreciable Assets, 2009 Federal Budget, Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Creditor Protection
2009 Volume 16: Straight Talk on “Safe” Investments 2009 Safe Investments, Money Market Mutual Funds, Treasury Bills, Provincial Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC’s), High Interest Savings Accounts, Short Term Bond Mutual Funds , Pooled Funds, Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), Credit Unions
2009 Tax Season 2009 Disability Tax Credit Transfer, Education Tax Credit, Travel Medical Expenses, Transportation and Travel Expenses, Canada Child Tax Benefit, Legal Obligations of Departing Employee’s, Employee Training, Scholarships, Employee Vs. Independent Contractor, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Restricted Farm Losses, Divorce Arrears, RRSP Division of Matrimonial Property, Structured Settlement Estate Planning, Child Rearing Dropout Provision, National Do Not Call List, Creditor Protection, 2008 Personal Income Tax Return Checklist
2009 Volume 15: February 2009 RRSP Issue Disability Tax Credit Transfer, Education Tax Credit, Travel Medical Expenses, Canada Child Tax Benefit, Legal Obligations for Departing Employees, Employee Training, Scholarships, Employee Vs. Independent Contractor, Travel Expenses, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Administrators of Non-Profit Organization, Restricted Farm Losses, Divorce Arrears Payments, RRSP Division of Matrimonial Property, Child Rearing Dropout Provision (CRDO), National Do Not Call List
2009 Volume 14: Investing Lessons from a Bad Correction Spring 2009 2008 Stock Market Correction, Recession, Great Depression, Buy and Hold Strategy, Diversification, Individual Stock Purchases, Stock Market Losses, Hedge Funds, Mutual Fund Flaws, Bonds , Defensive Investing Strategies
2009 Volume 13: Essential Financial Tips 2009 Financial Planning, Parents, Working Canadians, Retired Canadians, Self Employed Canadians, Adult Canadians
2009 Volume 12: Defensive in a Falling Stock Market 2009 Falling Stock Market, Defensive Strategies, Stock Market Exposure, Gold Strategies, Inverse Stock Market Products, Segregated Funds, Performance Annuities, Paying Debts With Cash, Cutting Expenses
2009 Year End Tax Planning Tax Deductions, RRSP Contributions, Spousal RRSP, Salaries for Family Members, Old Age Security (OAS), Capital Cost Allowances, Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP), Self-Employed Health and Dental, Public Transit Credits, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Wholly Dependent Persons, Spousal Support, Child Support
2008 Volume 11: What kind of investor are you 2009? Stock Market Personality, Investment Knowledge, Risk Appetite, Fundamental Analysis, Investing in the Stock Market, Investment Products, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Principal Protected Notes, Segregated Funds, Performance Annuity, Bonds, Guaranteed Investments Certificates (GIC’s)
2008 Volume 10: RESPs and Kids 2008 Registered Educational Savings Plan , In Trust Accounts, Contribution Strategies, Individual RESP , Family RESP, Self Directed RESP, RESP Tax Planning
2008 Volume 9: Tax Free Savings Accounts Fall 2008 Tax Free Savings Accounts , Contribution Limits, Withdrawal Rules, Tax Treatments, Financial Planning with TFSA’s
2008 Volume 8: Tax Strategies Fall 2008 Fitness Tax Credit, Canada Child Tax Benefits, Employment Income Scholarships, Gifts and Awards, Employee Incentive Program, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cell Phone Charges, Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans, Individual Pension Plans, Income Splitting, Importing a Foreign Vehicle
2008 Volume 7: Stock Market Impact on your Plan? History of Stock Market Corrections, Investment Plans, Investor Mentality, Emotional Investing, Investment Research, Market Timing
2008 Volume 6: Tax Strategies Spring 2008 Renovation Medical Expenses, Travel Medical Expenses, Lodging Medical Expenses, Common Law Partners, Foreign Educational Institutions, Online Poker Earnings, Uniform Allowances, Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED), Estate Planning, Phased Retirement, New Housing Rebate
2008 Volume 5: Tax Season Primer Winter 2008 RRSP Tax Receipts, T3 Statements, T5 Statements, Capital Gains , Capital Losses, Tax Reporting for Money Market Mutual Funds, Tax Reporting for Bonds and GIC’s
2008 Volume 4: RRSP Season Essentials 2008 RRSP Deadlines, RRSP Limits, Maximizing RRSP Contributions, RRSP Maturity, RRSP Beneficiaries, Mortgage Payments Vs. RRSP Contributions, Home Buyers Plan, Locked In RRSP, Investing in an RRSP
2008 Volume 3: Falling Stock Markets 2008 Monthly Savings Plans, Home Buyers Tips, Financially Savvy Children, Unclaimed Bank Accounts , Telemarketers, Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), Mortgage Insurance
2008 Volume 2: Rising Currency 2008 Canadian Dollar, Volatile Stock Markets, RRIF Monthly Minimums, Tax Breaks, Leasing a Vehicle, Purchasing a Vehicle, Fixed Interest Mortgages, Variable Rate Mortgages, Critical Insurance, Joint Ownership of Assets
2008 Volume 1: Welcome to my ENewsletter 2008 2007 RESP Limits, 2007 RRSP Limits, Tax Season, RRSP Trustee Fee, Pension Splitting, RRSP Splitting, 2007 Savings Account Rates
2003 Professional Corporations for Dentists Incorporating, Reduced Income Tax, Corporation Payouts, Tax Deferral Opportunities, Capital Gains Exemption, Corporate Wind-Down Strategies, Corporate deductions, Corporate Write-Offs, Corporate Insurance Policies, Scholarship plan, Individual Pension Plan (IPP), Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA), Employee Profit Sharing Plan (EPSP), Health & Welfare Trust (HWT), Creditor Proofing, Malpractice Insurance, Tax-Deductible Debt,