Company Group Insurance

A group health plan is a must for an employer who wants to retain their best employees and attract new ones. For employers with an existing group health plan in place, note that services and costs have changed a lot in the last 2 years and you should reconsider your current program.

Did you know that you can custom design the benefits offered by the insurance company to fit your employee needs? You don’t have to accept the standard benefits package that many companies offer. A custom package could save a lot in premium costs. Consider a two-tiered benefits program with basic coverage for all employees and more complete coverage for executives. This is a nice perk for executives and a lower cost approach for the company. Have you explored replacing your existing health plan with a new health spending account? A health spending account can offer greater tax write-offs than a traditional health plan.

Extra Value: Make us the agent of your new or existing group health plan, and we will offer the following additional services at no extra cost.

  • We will prepare the personal income tax for 4 of your executives at no cost each year
  • Corporate tax planning for your business each year at no cost*

As Chartered Accountants as well as insurance representatives, we are pleased to offer these tax services to increase your value.

Contact us at 1-866-275-5878 FREE, Kurt, ext. 230 or Frank, ext. 236 for immediate, friendly service to answer your questions or provide a cost quote.

*Tax services completed by Kurt Rosentreter, CA and Associates.

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