10 Reasons to Make us your Insurance Agent

Broad Product Choice: We can shop for the best insurance products prices across 7 insurance companies. This ensures you get the best products.

Low Cost: Prices for insurance products vary widely. We price shop across 7 insurance companies to ensure you get the lowest cost possible.

Our Expertise: We are among the most qualified insurance agents in Canada – expertise you can rely on. Our qualifications include:

  • Honours Finance Degree, University of Manitoba
  • Chartered Accountant, specializing in Income Tax Planning
  • Chartered Life Underwriter, Canada’s most advanced insurance industry credential
  • Certified Financial Planner, Financial Planning Standards Council

The Canadian Association of Financial Advisors recommends that you buy insurance from a qualified expert, not a sales person.

Education First: We will take the time to teach you about the products you need, the pros & cons of each, differences between products and more. Proper product education is essential before you buy in a world with so many different insurance products to choose from.

Service, service, service: As your insurance agent, we work diligently to ensure your insurance is appropriate today, in a year, in five years and forever. We will check with you regularly and we are always available for questions. As a client you will regularly receive our popular “Wealth Management Today” newsletter at no additional cost.

Accessibility: When you contact us, you speak to us, not a junior agent. Through email, cell phone or our office, we are ready to help at all hours.

Reputable National Dealer: Behind our practice is Manulife Securities Insurance Inc., with more than 1,300 licensed insurance agents across Canada, Manulife is a blue chip partner behind our practice that you can rely on

Objectivity: Nothing matters more than the ability to trust your insurance agent. Trust is earned when you know your agent isn’t selling you insurance products that pay the agent a fat commission. To earn your trust we disclose commissions and we offer products from many insurance companies to ensure proper choice. We know that nothing matters more than your trust and peace of mind.

Integrated Planning: It is impossible to properly buy insurance without first examining your “financial picture”. This means we first should look at your existing insurance coverage through your employer, your goals, your cash flows, your taxes, your family plans, retirement, estate and more. By taking a more integrated planning approach to your finances, it will help you to make better decisions about new insurance today.

We care: Just like you, we have spouses, children, dreams, careers and a limited amount of money to spend on insurance. We appreciate that buying insurance can be complicated and intimidating. We want to make this easy for you while making sure you make the right decision for you. We are real people like you and we are pleased to meet with you or explain facts at your pace. We will do what it takes to help you.


10 Reasons to Make us your Insurance Agent
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