Client Testimonials
Kurt is a pleasure to work with. Dr. Gary Hyman.
Kurt has what it takes! Dr. Bruno Lacaria
"I went through three or four financial advisors before I found Kurt. Kurt is knowledgeable, very responsive, and most of all, he is genuinely interested in helping us achieve our financial goals. He's a keeper.” John Casola
“It is a pleasure working with Kurt in a transparent environment. He is client focused in an industry where that is not common.” Jeff Pocock
“Kurt makes my wife and I comfortable in all his explanations. The results of our meetings together have been terrific.” Wayne and Pat Thiessen
“As my financial advisor, Mr. Kurt Rosentreter has consistently demonstrated exceptional management of my portfolio with annual growth even in these turmoil financial settings. He provides his knowledge and expertise in providing wealth building through financial strategies customized to each client’s needs and circumstances. His impeccable services and his team always treat each individual client as the most important client. Mr. Kurt Rosentreter gives me the peace of mind to know that lifelong financial strategies are in place and being consistently monitored and managed by one of the best in the field. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend anybody serious about their financial futures to consult with Mr. Kurt Rosentreter before it is too late.” Dr. Mark Hsiang-En Lin
“Kurt had me fill out a survey on by what means he can improve his service to his clients. That indicates to me he cares about his clients.” Danny W.
“Kurt has always been very helpful and informative when dealing with our portfolio.” Jamie Hastings
“I have followed for years Kurt’s appearances on investment seminars, before I approached him to take on our investments. To date, we have been very pleased with his advice, warning, coaching us on our segment mix and his recommendations have always worked out for us.” Adolf and Beryl Fratton
“Kurt’s wholistic approach to our family financial needs have given us comfort and confidence during a tough economic climate. Thank you!” Kristy Fletcher and Jim Neish
“I met Kurt through my accountant’s contact and advice. I think changing my financial advisor was a very good decision, and very good advice from my accountant. Kurt is conservative and does look for our benefit, not his.” Rosana Russo
“Kurt has, quite literally, a “wealth” of financial knowledge and experience based on many years of data collection and professional work/field experience. Kurt has impeccable credentials and is the consummate professional. He is always prepared and very engaging. Kurt is a clear thinker and extremely articulate. It is these skills that give me a high level of confidence and trust in his judgement and council. Additionally, Kurt is easily reachable and genuinely approachable, caring and courteous. I particularly appreciate the fact that with Kurt’s Chartered Accountant/tax background, every investment decision is made and executed with tax efficiency considerations. I have never left a meeting with Kurt that I didn’t take away more useful and thought provoking information.” Palmo and Margaret D’Ippolito
“One of the things I like the best about Kurt is his ability to get down to business quickly and his straight-forward explanations of how my portfolio is doing.” Gary Evans
“I look forward to my meetings/discussions with Kurt, and find him very responsive to client needs.” Khursheed Chinwala
“When we first met with Kurt, we discussed our expectations and he gave us good ideas as well as a roadmap. It is to his credit that now we are firmly on that roadmap. Thanks Kurt!” Kirit Patel
“Kurt is the best advisor I’ve ever had. He’s always happy to answer my questions, and he put me into just the right investments as I approached retirement. Thanks Kurt!” Joe Banel
“Kurt helped me pull out of some poor investments and is helping me to create a secure portfolio for retirement. He is always ready to answer questions.” Kathy Vetere
“I have known Kurt since he was a former employee with Ernst and Young and I have always been very pleased and satisfied in his professionalism and confident that he will make the best decision to fit my needs.” Rose Goudis
“I am very pleased with Kurt’s services. I highly recommend him to friends and family and that really says it all!” Jackie DeKnock
“It’s great to have an advisor who looks at my overall financial picture and is not averse to recommending an investment even if it means less income or fees for him. Kurt has been a pleasure to deal with.” Juleen Marchant
"Kurt is a great communicator. He takes time to explain, recommend and then leaves the decision with me. He is current in his knowledge. Good financial planner." Kirit Patel