Financial Planning for Doctors in Canada

Trust 25+ years of experience

Helping Doctors Manage Their Finances Over a Lifetime

As you progress through medical school, graduate and start as a resident, become an established doctor, perhaps start side businesses or specialize and eventually retire and die, lean on our 25 years of experience advising hundreds of doctors and their families on money matters ranging from retirement to debt and real estate to benefits of specialization financially, children’s finances, tax planning and more.  

We know your career path will lead to much different financial consequences and situations than the average professional or executive. We know your industry well with more than 25 years of advanced financial advisory working with doctors and specialist on all topics of personal finance.

Why us?  Simply put we have above-average relevant expertise, provide objective, impartial advice,  offer transparent and value-priced fees and know your profession inside-out.   Let’s be clear – getting ahead professionally with finances is more about cash flow, career and taxes – not what investment product or insurance policy you buy.  While we will offer opinions on all of your finances if asked, we specialize in “structural finance” or the ability to integrate your goals with your cash flows and make decisions about money across your entire financial picture in a consolidated way.   Our “big picture” management is a unique service for doctors in Canada and often results in better decision making with less time involved and lower cost.  

Want proof?  Let us put you in touch with some of our existing doctor clients and let them tell you how we have helped them in ways that their old stock broker or insurance agent never could have.   

Doctors & Money: A Lifelong Evolution Requiring Specialized Financial Planning

Phase 1: Newly Graduated Doctor

Phase 2: Established Doctor (Late 30s)

Phase 3: Established Doctor Mid-Career

Phase 4: Late Stage Career Doctor

Phase 5: Retired Doctor

Additional Specialized Services

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