For Advisors

Looking to Join one of Canada’s Leading Financial Advisory Firms?

Join the elite wealth management office of Kurt Rosentreter at Suite 302, 3 Church Street in downtown Toronto, just steps from the Bay Street financial district.

  • A sophisticated office with advanced tools for the established advisor seeking to be a leader in Canadian wealth management.
  • A training and coaching mentorship for advisors transitioning to IIROC from MFDA or insurance.
  • A developmental office for aspiring advisors needing a helping hand.

Our Advantages

  • The freedom to offer products from a wide range of institutions – objectivity and independence is essential to becoming a trusted advisor.
  • You own your book of business – and this will never change.
  • No contracts to sign. You are your own business professional. Period.
  • No limits on where you can attract and work with clients.
  • No sales quotas.
  • Flexible, high payouts on revenue.
  • A financial planning culture.
  • A succession program to take care of your family.
  • Referrals of new clients to help you grow.
  • A strong national brand – learn more at
  • A local office owner that will help you grow

You are a successful, established advisor seeking to focus more on affluent client management growth while owning your business entirely and maximizing profit.

  • A classy heritage brick and beam building with high ceilings near the world famous St. Lawrence market. Inexpensive client parking is nearby and we are steps from Union Station.
  • Monthly strategy sessions among peers to share best advisor practices.
  • State of the art stock and bond wrap programs and fee based accounts – wide fee flexibility.
  • Third party stock research tools and a leading bond desk.
  • Capital market group providing new issues, private company advisory services and advanced support on all investment matters.
  • High advisor grid payouts.

You are a successful MFDA or insurance licensed financial advisor seeking to convert to the IIROC platform to offer a broader array of investment products in the new stock and ETF world.

Attend our popular national “IIROC School” offering a week of training on all topics (compliance, products, marketing, planning and more) essential to becoming an IIROC financial advisor. 

Training and coaching on:

  • How to use research and select stocks, bonds and ETFs.
  • Portfolio construction using individual securities; converting from mutual funds and how to transition.
  • Positioning your new IIROC practice with existing clients.
  • How to market to new clients interested in stocks and bonds.
  • Training on trading techniques to minimize errors and maximize productivity.
  • Exploring fee based accounts – who it is right for, how to convert clients, compensation adjustments and leading selling techniques for fee based.
  • Winning strategies for attracting new clients in your practice.

You are a new or emerging financial advisor seeking to learn the basics of building a successful practice, providing proper planning services, learning how to attract new clients and earning a growing compensation base.

Seasoned guidance, mentorship and ongoing coaching on:

  • How to prepare a financial plan and how to construct a portfolio.
  • Servicing standards for clients.
  • How and when to hire staff.
  • Attracting and winning new clients.
  • Tools, charts, checklists and letter templates for practice efficiency.
  • Dress for success and first impressions.
  • Flexible financial arrangements until you are on your feet!