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What is a Personal CFO?

A Personal CFO offers you a new, refreshing and value-packed approach to financial advice. CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer, and as the personal CFO Canada trusts, Kurt will act as your overall financial advisor or “officer” by providing integrated and comprehensive financial planning, and professional advice on the many areas of your personal finances, not just investments! 

A Personal CFO’s philosophy is that all personal financial decisions are linked and that by seeing your financial “big picture” that it will lead to better financial decision making overall.

How does a Personal CFO work?

Many Canadians have several financial advisors: an accountant to do your taxes, a broker to handle your stocks, a financial planner to handle your mutual funds, a lawyer to do your Will, a banker to manage your credit, an insurance agent to sell you insurance and more. The problem is not with the many advisors, the problem is that none of them provide integrated planning. None of them speak to one another to offer a cohesive approach to providing you advice and you alone are often left in the middle to pull it all together. Something you may not have time, or desire or expertise to do.

A Personal CFO bridges the differences to link the different areas of your finances (investing, taxes, estate, retirement, etc.) to create an integrated framework that produces effective financial peace of mind. Stop working with advisors who operate in their own world alone. Hire a Personal CFO as your overall “Big Picture Manager” and guiding light for more effective planning while also achieving time and cost savings on your finances.

Do I need to fire my existing advisors if I have a Personal CFO?

Not necessarily. Your overall family advisor, will engage specialists to assist with executing some of your financial strategies. Working with lawyers to do your Wills. We will need a private banker to help with lending. And more. 

Is it more expensive to have a Personal CFO?

In many situations a personal CFO can help you to eliminate costs from your investments, and your taxes such that the fees are not incremental. In some situations with clients who invest in mutual funds, Kurt has been able to reduce their total investment costs including  fees, so that overall they are paying less but now have a professional personal CFO as their lifelong advisor! Now that’s value. 

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