Not-for-Profit Entities

Kurt and his team are uniquely qualified to assist churches, charities, foundations and other not-for-profits with their money management and cash flow planning needs. Our services for not-for-profit organizations include the following:

Often board members overseeing a not-for-profit organization have never managed money for a third party before. We offer education to help board members understand proper governance regarding not-for-profit money management.

Our services for fiduciaries include:

  • The responsibility of a fiduciary
  • Setting risk and understanding it
  • Typical fees to expect
  • Investment product choices with pros and cons
  • Understanding reporting and more

We will assist the board members of a not-for-profit organization to build a professional investment program following our time-tested six step investing process.

These steps will include defining investment portfolio goals, setting risks, creating a strategic asset allocation, creating an Investment Policy Statement, selecting investment products, understanding fees, establishing rebalancing parameters and setting communication standards.

An investment policy statement (IPS) is a document that outlines how the not-for-profit should invest its money. It forms the guidance standards for the investment plan and sets parameters for products, strategies and fees.

We will work with the not-for-profit organization to develop a customized IPS suited to their evolving money management needs.

Our services include regular reporting to the board or committees of the not-for-profit organization on results of investment performance vs goals and benchmarks after fees.

We will also attend the Annual General Meetings as desired and answer questions if asked.