Professional Financial Services

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A Family CFO offers one source for all of your personal finance advice needs. Fees are custom designed with no standard fee schedules. Once we decide on services then a proposal is prepared. All fees are flexible to fit anyone’s budget.

There is no minimum client size. Fee levels are revisited every year to ensure your continued satisfaction with value.

Financial Planning

Investment Managment

Insurance Planning

Career-Transition Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

Millennial Financial Planning

• Investment portfolio design and investment products
• Tax planning and overseeing tax return preparation
• Insurance needs analysis and insurance products. Learn more about our insurance services
• Executive compensation strategies including supplemental pension plans, retirement compensation arrangements, stock option and planning other perks
• Estate planning before death and assisting with estate windup after death
• Before and after retirement planning, including retirement income design
• Children’s financial planning including RESPs and in-trust accounts
• Integrated personal financial planning tying all of the above areas together for effective overall planning.

• Severance and early retirement counselling of departure packages
• Small business owner succession planning of the business
• Divorce financial planning
• Eldercare services by assisting with nursing home financing and structuring finances in advanced stages of life
• Advanced financial planning including family trusts, holding companies, professional corporations, Will planning, selection of estate Executors, Employer stock option planning, alternative investment strategies and more.

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