Fixed Fee Investment Advisor

Looking for a fee only investment advisor? trust 25+ years of experience

More Fee Choices Than Any Other Brokerage in Canada

Few Canadians even know what they pay in investment fees annually to their broker or a money manager.

We feel this is very wrong.

We value offering you fee choices.

Generally, we follow a policy of fee and cost minimization. However, we will not sacrifice value and investment return for the sake of low cost. We will evaluate product returns on an after-cost basis and share our findings with you.

We regularly compare our fee rates to our competition in Toronto and find our prices are below average compared to some of the most prominent investment managers in Canada. As well, we feel the additional services we offer, and customized communication plan push our value proposition to the top of the list in value-added professional wealth managers in Canada.

Want to know what your fees are? Talk to us for a customized calculation now. Most Canadians that engage financial advisors pay high, hidden commission costs and load fees tied to transactions and products in their investment portfolio.

Affluent Canadians often pay a lower cost, and visible fee approach called “asset-based fees” where you pay a fee that is a percentage of the portfolio each year. This approach converts the relationship to a service-based price. The cost is more transparent, often lower and may be tax-deductible. 

We offer three different fee options (listed below) for investment management services and another two approaches for financial planning advice.

We will work with you to determine the best fee approach for your needs and evolve the solutions over the years to ensure they continue to match your evolving life.

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