Tax Smart Investment Advisor

Looking for a tax efficient investment advisor? trust 25+ years of experience

One of our core investment managment philosophies - Tax Efficiency

In Canada, we lead the way in tax planning within client investment portfolios. Kurt wrote four books on “Tax Smart Investing” designed to construct investment portfolios to focus on after-tax investment returns. Many Canadian investment firms still focus wrongly on pre-tax gross investment returns.

With a CPA on our team, every step of our planning and management process contains sensitivity to tax minimization in your portfolio and your finances. We use tax-smart investing strategies based on Kurt’s best-selling books on how to invest to maximize after-tax returns.

For 25+ years, Kurt has been advising clients in all areas of investment planning. Being an instructor for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, he brings academic expertise and technically sound planning strategies to your investments. With Kurt, you can rest assured you are in good hands.